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Welcome Campers

Welcome to your Fantasy Camp information pages, hosted by Captured Expressions

This site is for all of the Detroit Tiger Fantasy Campers, both here in Detroit at Comerica and for those that able to attend the Lakeland camps.

The images that will be posted here are for those campers that didn't take advantage of our Candid package at the camp. Those that did, will be getting all that were taken of them, and their experience at the camp.

Since the time it'll take to post all the images would take days, please contact me if you're interested in having yours posted. I will only be posting the Fantasy Game and the photos of those that request them to be posted.

I can still make available to you a DVD of all of your photos. I won't be able to guarantee the number of images, but, you'll get them all. They are however still available on the website to order if interested.

I'll be posting often, so, be sure to check back.

Stay tuned, and remember there is still an opportunity to order items from your camp experience.


The photos from this year in Lakeland will be available here after the camp:


2020 Lakeland


The photos from the Comerica Field of Dream Camps are available below.


08/23/2019 at Comerica Park

08/20/2021 at Comerica Park


If you want to be notified of any future posting, please e-mail me at


As you remember during the camp orientation, we mentioned that we concentrate our coverage to those that sign up for the "Candid" photography package. For those campers, you will receive a personalized DVD with an average of over 400 photos on it. The few that didn't sign up may or may not have the opportunity to view and order photos from the camp; it all depends on if we captured images of you. If we did, those will be available for viewing on the same site.


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